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Algorithm Change Survival Guide

Search Engine Optimization is a complicated business, thanks to the regular updates done on Google’s search algorithm. With the widespread rollover of the Google Panda 3.4  war against link farms, blog networks that use spam, and links originating from unrelated sites continues. The casualties of this latest SEO battle were immeasurable; a lot of sites that depended on the “SEO” tactics of blog spamming, link building through unrelated sties, and link farming have suffered lowered page ranks or de-indexing.

Search Engine Marketing Is Forever Evolving

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) needs to evolve along with the newest trends and technological advancements, or else it’ll be an obsolete discipline that no self-respecting business would patronize. Meta tags and page names used to be new things that SEM companies could use to their advantage to gain a more significant presence in the worldwide web, but now that’s all in the past. With that said, here are the things you can do in order to survive these sweeping algorithm changes made by Google.

         Social Networking is the Brave New SEO Frontier:

                                              The line between search engine relevance and social network popularity has become even more blurred. Therefore, in order to survive the latest Google algorithm updates and instead take advantage of them, you should add badges to your site that allows visitors to become followers, connections, and friends in Facebook or Twitter. Yes, Google is now all about social networking.

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