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For manual Penalty you can check Google Webmaster Tools account. Here they can see whether the problem has been detailed within the account and what the solution is.
"... It could very well be the case that, 'hey we thought there was some keyword stuffing or cloaking or whatever going on,' and that's a clear-cut case, you'll get a notification, you'll get a message, and then you can start to figure out and investigate, 'OK, where can I start to improve things or what can I change to make things better.'"
--> Start from Google Webmaster Tool 
--> Check your website Back links
--> Analysis your website back links 
--> Filter out all bad links 
--> Try to remove bad links 
--> Check any mail/notification from Google
--> If you have received any mail then you will Disavow your links. 

Google Takes Action Against Greek Links

"Google's Matt Cutts recently confirmed via Twitter that Greece was the latest country targeted for link network related penalties."

The link networks in question were reportedly networks run by SEO agencies for their clients.
It's unclear exactly which SEO agency or agencies are responsible for the link networks that were penalized.
Google has been making many announcements proactively advising webmasters, particularly those with websites in target locations or languages, to clean up their link profiles prior to penalties hitting.

Google Penalized A Guest Blogging Network

   "   Google has taken action on a "large guest blog network" .

In January, Matt warned that guest blogging for SEO is dead, which caused a major stir in the community.
Since then, many said guest blogging has continued to work and lead to great rankings.
Google went after a larger guest blogging network, which may result in lost rankings, penalties and unnatural link notifications. I have to assume that Google will continue to go after these networks.
What if you just do occasional guest blogging? You should be fine but again, with the caveat that it is not done for SEO purposes. Personally, I hate guest blogging but I have the luxury at writing at two sites that have a large audience already.
Matt Cutts :
     " Today we took action on a large guest blog network. A reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging" :   http://

Dropped Link Factors From Their Search Ranking Algorithm

We stop to consider links in the rankings for commercial requests. Implementation of this change occurs in stages. In the first phase change will affect ranking queries in the Moscow region on a number of commercial topics, such as, for example, real estate, tourism, electronics and household appliances. Later changes will spread to other subjects. We hope that the resources that were used to manipulate the links will now be directed to a real improvement in the quality of the site. Ultimately, this will benefit both users and businesses, and search engines.

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