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Getting More Pages Indexed

If you have created new pages or an entirely new website.
Getting your pages indexed in search engines is important - without being indexed, your website will be all but impossible to find.
Today we are going to cover some useful strategies for getting your website indexed fast. These include:
  • Social bookmarking & signals.
  • Submitting articles.
  • Internal linking.
  • Pinging your website.
  • Comment on authority blogs.
  • Updating content regularly. 
Before we begin, here are two important points to consider:
First, you should be building links to the new page you want indexed, and not just your website homepage. It is important to build 'deep' links to all the content pages on your website, but many webmasters seem to ignore this and just build backlinks to their homepage.
For example, if you have the website, and your new page (that you want to have indexed) is at, then make sure you build links to that specific page.
Second, you should monitor your progress as you get new pages indexed. To do this, make sure you have added your website.
You should also use Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools to keep track of your website. Both of these services are free and very easy-to-use. Google also provide answers to frequently asked questions about how Google search indexes websites.
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