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Google Launches New URL removal Tool

Google launches an improved URL removal tool It can be accessed here.

John Mueller, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, describes the functionality of this tool:
"This tool is useful for removals on other peoples’ websites. You could use this tool if a page has been removed completely, or if it was just changed and you need to have the snippet & cached page removed".
How it Works :
          Removing a whole pages requires the page to have a proper HTTP result code (403, 404, or 410), a noindex robots meta tag, or a robots.txt file that is blocking the page . Then you enter the URL in the URL removal tool and Google will analyze it to see if it is gone. The removal request will be initiated if Google detects the page is no longer there.

Use for Content Removal :

If the page is still live, and you just want to remove content that appears in snippets but is no longer on the actual page, you can use the same tool. Go to the tool and enter a word that no longer appears on the live page and Google will take it from there.
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