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Verify Your Google Map Account

Google said:
If you’re a business owner and you haven’t logged into your Google My Business account in over a year, you may receive an email from us soon asking you to sign in and confirm your business information. Just follow the steps in the email by simply logging into your Google My Business dashboard, then checking to make sure your information is up to date and submitting any changes if necessary. If your account remains inactive after receiving a notice from us, then it could run the risk of being de-verified, or in rare cases, removed from Google Maps.
So just add it to your calendar, login twice a year to be safe and don't run the risk of forgetting or not seeing the email reminder.

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Google 404 Pages Are Not Counted

Google's Gary Illyes said on Twitter that soft 404s are treated the same as real 404s even with links.
(Q) You say that Google ignores Links leading to 404 pages. Are Soft-404 treated in the same fashion?
(A) Yes, they are. Generally, with a few exceptions, if a page is not indexed, its links are ignored too. 
I believe this topic was brought up again because of our coverage of 404 pages not leading to a Google penalty, where I reference how Google handles links on 404 pages or links pointing to 404 pages.

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Role Of SEO In Apps

Search engine optimization (SEO) was all about web pages -- however, as columnist Janet Driscoll Miller points out, the growth of mobile means that SEOs must now focus on getting apps indexed, too.

Google searches now taking place on mobile rather than on desktop, SEOs have been forced to extend their efforts into the mobile space.  However, mobile optimization doesn't stop with making websites mobile-friendly; it encompasses mobile apps now as well. The Google Play store reportedly had over 1.4 million apps as of February 2015. With so many apps out there.

For example, if a friend emails you about seeing the new movie Tomorrowland, you can invoke Google Now without leaving your app, to quickly see the ratings, watch a trailer, or even buy tickets — then get right back to what you were doing. 

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