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Content Marketing

1. Reflection

As mentioned above, every piece of content you put out under your company's name will reflect on you.

If the content is sloppy, grammatically incorrect and downright boring, it will damage your reputation.

2. Crowds

Because there's loads of content on the Internet, yours has got to stand out if it is going to be seen. Second-rate articles will fall by the wayside, but something that's well written, engaging and informative will rise to the top of the pile.

3. Penguin

Google is the master at moving the goal posts, as demonstrated by its constant algorithm changes. The latest one, Penguin, can sniff out bad content a mile off. It looks at the time people spend on pages, how many shares they get and bounce rates etc., making it easy to sniff out the bad stuff.

So if you want your content to perform well in the search results, it's got to be good.

4. Longevity

Unlike print, what appears on the Internet today isn't going to be tomorrow's chip wrappings. Once you publish an article under your name, it's there for life. So if it's badly written, it will have a long lasting detrimental effect.

5. Quality vs price

Rather than swallowing hard when the copywriter you approach tells you how much it will cost for a high quality, well researched and superbly written article, consider this. If the content is good and demonstrates a compelling reason for the reader to buy your product, its value is considerably more than one written as SEO padding that couldn't even tempt someone lost in the desert to buy a bottle of water.

6. Business magnet

In the same way that people will judge your business on your website, brochures and emails, they will also judge you on your online content.

Badly written articles and blogs won't inspire anyone to pick up the phone and want to do business with you.

 These 6 reasons are why it is vital you put quality content before price. Even if that means you put less 'out there', what you do put out will bolster your reputation as a quality company that offers great information to its clients.

Website HTML Errors That Impact SEO

The official rules for writing HTML are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). If you don’t follow these rules for your website, will you be penalized by the search engines?

Although it doesn’t have a direct impact on Google rankings, W3C validation is incredibly important for browser compatibility and overall site usability.Google crawls all sites, irrespective of coding. But there are some occurrences where sites aren’t indexed because of syntax errors.If you’re website passes W3C validation then it will be very clean coded and most importantly easy will be easy to update in the future.

To help webmasters ensure their websites coding is correct, W3C has provided a number of free online validation tools.

  1. W3C Markup Validation Service
  2. W3C CSS Validation Service

SEO for New Websites

When setting up a new website it is easy to get excited about the design and content of the website, while forgetting the most vital aspect SEO. While your website might look great, searchers are never going to find it if you don’t implement even some of the SEO basics.

To help you out I have compiled a list of SEO tasks you must do before a new or updated website goes live. By doing all of these, search engines will be able to index the new changes quicker, and more efficiently.

1. Descriptive URL’s
Once you have determined what you need on your website, every single page must have a clean and descriptive URL with hyphen’s separating each word. This allows people and search engines alike to see what the content is going to be on that page just by looking at the URL.

Here is an example of a well structured URL that may cover your all target keywords:

2. Title tags, meta description tags and heading tags
 The key to creating good title tags is to ensure each is unique and includes the keywords you think people would use when doing a search via Google when trying to find your site.Each page on your site has unique content so each title tag for these pages should be unique because it is one of the strongest signals Google uses to determine what your page should rank for.The meta description for each page can be around 150 characters and it should serve as a mini advertisement for your company and the services/products you provide.Each page should have its own heading title describing what that page is about.

3. Use text content
If your site uses Flash to present content that you really want or need search engine crawlers to index, provide text alternatives that they can index. If you use Flash for your entire web site without providing text alternatives, don’t expect search engine crawlers to index your site.

4. Install Google analytics
Having Google Analytics installed on your site is a must because it allows you to track how visitors get to your site, and then what they do when they are there.

5. Sitemaps
 An XML sitemap helps to show Google all the pages on your website that need to be crawled and indexed. XML sitemap generator is an easy tool to help you quickly create your sitemap and upload it to your website. Don’t forget to submit this sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools. The best place to promote your sitemap is in the footer at the bottom of each page of your site, as shown in the example below of the footer on the ineedhits website.

6. Avoid Accessibility mistakes
 Users and search engines both need to be able to reach all of the pages, all the content that you’ve created on your website in easy ways.

7. Allow access to all Robots
Before the website goes live, you must allow robots to crawl your website through a robots.txt file. If you don’t then the search engines won’t be able to find and index your new website.

8. Secure your online brand
While your website will be your main SEO focus, you should also look at other online sources to boost your SEO efforts. By registering your businesses brand on social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc) this will help your website’s ranking in the search engines. It also has the benefit of online reputation management in that social sites will rank well for your brand name, allowing you to keep the search results for “your business name” under your control.

9. Internal and external linking
Internal linking will not only help your visitor navigate through your site more easily but it helps with your SEO as you can use keywords as anchor text to link to relevant pages. Link anchor text is a very important ranking factor on all the search engines so link to relevant sections of your website whenever possible.

Links from external sources is a highly regarded factor when determining your websites ranking in the search engines. But here’s a tip: don’t buy links from low quality sources, because Google doesn’t like this and they will penalize you for it.

A great place to start when looking for external link sources are business contacts and your customers. Look at all your email contacts, your LinkedIn contacts, the people that you know personally and professionally and ask them if they would mind putting a link to your site on their website.

10. Compatibility
Ensure your website loads and views correctly across all Internet browsers and in both Windows and Mac operating systems before launch.

11. Get into Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools is a great resource as it provides information about how Google is crawling your site and whether there are any broken links or missing pages.

How Many Pages Should a Website Have for SEO?

When implementing an SEO campaign, it’s important to pay attention to and optimize every page of the website. The search engines rank individual pages, not a website as a whole. Optimizing each individual page for specific keyword search terms improves the chances that searchers will find and be directed to the most relevant page of your site. So, is there a specific amount of pages that your site should be for SEO purposes?

Every business is different, which means that every business website is different.The correct number of website pages is whatever is appropriate for that business. There is no specific amount of pages that a website should or should not be however there are a few things to keep in mind when developing and optimizing a website.

For starters, the search engines have made it known that they like content. Websites that are updated regularly with fresh content are typically rewarded by the search engines. Search engine users want up to date information, and a website that is frequently updated is more likely to provide them with this timely information that will suit their needs. Whenever a site is updated, it gets the search engine spiders back to the site to crawl and index it. The more times that the search engines spend crawling your site, the better.

However, the search engines are getting smarter and incorporating numerous new signals into the search algorithms on nearly a daily basis. Not only do the search engines understand that content is new, but they also understand if it is any good.It’s obvious to both the search engines and target audience members that a page was created only for the purpose of targeting a few keywords. If you have a lot of pages that have thin content that is similar to content on other pages, it ruins the user experience and can actually hurt your SEO efforts. The search engines may view the similar pages as duplicate content and will have difficulty ranking the “right” page. Website pages should only be created if they serve a specific purpose and the content is relevant to the product or service offering. Creating numerous pages of content that are only vaguely related will reduce the authority of the site.

A business website should be the hub of all online marketing efforts. Potential clients or customers visit a business website and make decisions based on what they find. If you provide very little information about your business, a visitor will probably go elsewhere looking for what they need. In addition, a website that doesn’t have many pages is hard to optimize. Each page is an additional opportunity to rank in the search engines.

For SEO campaign purposes, the correct number of website pages is the number of pages that is necessary to provide visitors with all of the information that they need.Focus on the user experience of the website first and create as much quality content that is needed, and then spend time optimizing that content. Because in SEO content is a KiNG.

Google Analytics Gets New Apps Script Automation

Google announced today that it has released a new Google Analytics feature, that enables data from GA to be put into any Apps Script-supported product more easily. That includes Google Docs, Sites and Spreadsheets.

“Many people have been asking for a simple way to put Google Analytics data into a Google Spreadsheet, “Once the data is inside a Google Spreadsheet, users can easily manipulate Google Analytics data, create new visualizations, and build internal dashboards.”

Here, you can see what Google Analytics data accessed via Apps Script, and displayed in a Google Spreadsheet might look like:

Increase Blog's Google Page Rank

Most of the Bloggers always dreams of an ideal blog where they can share their brilliant thoughts to educate spectators. So In order to make their dream come true they use numberless different methods to attract audience by creating highly professional content, improving search engine optimization and all those efforts which are required to turn audience attention. And after following all correct strategies they comes to a conclusion that their hard work is not going in wastage, as they are starting to get positive response from readers.

But after few months they realize that they were so busy in building their content that they forgot to maintain their Google Page Rank, and now their blog is popular enough but still Page Rank is relatively low. As we all know PageRank has nothing to do with blog traffic or SEO but still many PRO Bloggers recommend high PageRank of around 4 or 5 out of 10. Calculation of PageRank is mostly based on number of high-quality backlinks fundamentally it represents the value of a website in the other word we can say that PageRank is the fruits of hard work.

Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of those visitors who landed on your website but did not navigate to any other page within the site. It could be extremely frustrating if you fail to reduce your bounce rate in spite of investing lots of money.

Bounce rate indicates that your content is not relevant, or your writing style has failed to create the spark in minds of your visitors. Bloggers should understand that first impression is the last impression, so In order to reduce bounce rate bloggers should engage with their visitors and every now and then try to win their trust. On the other hand, websites with high bounce rates are more likely rank low in the search engines.

Best Strategies for Success With Twitter

Mr Matt Adams is one of the best internet marketing researcher having more then 10 years experience post about twitter strategies is the best social media tool. Twitter is a unique social media platform, and while it may take a while to understand, once you know the benefits and how to access them, Twitter can be a rewarding social media for business platform.

Twitter allows you to post up to 140 characters. It is all about fast and concise information that flows in a continuous feed. The no-fuss approach of this social media platform is highly effective, so don’t be fooled by its simplicity.

1. Business Networking on Twitter

             Twitter is all about interacting. Find people with similar interests to you or complementary businesses to yours, and start the conversation. You can easily send tweets to people all around the world.

2. Direct Message on Twitter

            If you have something private to say, don’t forget that you can direct message someone, rather than tweet to them publicly. This is certainly a more personal approach, but remember that some people get a lot of direct messages. If they don’t reply, they may not have seen it, so try again, or use another communication method.

3. Search, Search & Search

      The great thing about Twitter, is that everyone is on it. This means you can find personalized information on niche subjects, or locate other people who are interested in the same unique things that you are.

4. Market Research

    Market research ten years ago was a lot harder than it is today. The real-time and accurate portrayal of feelings, ideas and opinions, via social media, is valuable for all businesses. You can use Twitter’s statistics and individual tweets to conduct your own market research campaigns. There is a whole world out there, and the information about the people in our world is found online, through social media sites, like Twitter.

5. Keep in Touch

Twitter is not only about new people. Twitter can help you retain and maintain contact with colleagues and clients that you have established relationships with already. When you update your business contacts database, ensure that you collect social media data. Start searching for and adding people that you know on Twitter, and make an effort to tweet to them occasionally.

6. Re-Tweet and Favorite

People love to feel loved. Show that you respect or appreciate someone by favoring or re-tweeting their tweets. They will notice your efforts and they will feel good about themselves. This is one strategy to develop social marketing for business relationships over the Twitter platform.

7. Link to Your Blog

      If you have a blog, this is the perfect way to share it and increase your traffic. Post a link to it via Twitter, and choose a title that is interesting and engaging. You should be able to track the traffic from Twitter to your blog, and you’ll soon find out how many of your followers are interested in what you have to say.

8. Attract Targeted Followers

While you can easily ‘purchase’ Twitter followers, the real power comes from developing a list of followers that is targeted to your unique needs and interests. Start searching for people that fit your business networking profile and add them on Twitter. Get the conversation going, and then add more. You may need to delete some after a while if there is no interest, but through this process you will gain meaningful online connections.

9. Add Your Twitter Name, to Everything

Add Twitter to it. Does your e-mail have a signature? Add your Twitter to it. Meeting a new client? Swap Twitter details. Remember that online and offline relationships are merged, and the more you publicize your social media for business profiles, the more rewards they will bring to you.

10. Extend the Conversation

Relationships on Twitter don’t need to stay on Twitter. You may need to develop a relationship for a while on Twitter first, but if you are having some interesting conversations, seek the same person out on other platforms. Remind them that you met them on Twitter and add them on LinkedIn and Pinterest, or like their Facebook for business page. Social media can be what you make of it, so explore the benefits and get the conversation started.

B2B social media case studies

B2B organisations using social media with commercial purpose. Some are old, some new, some you might be familiar with, others perhaps not. 

  1. OPEN Forum and Facebook campaigns
  2. Online communities and marketplaces  
  3. Twitter and YouTube combo
  4. TradeSpace
  5. Business Exchange
  6. Social site campaign and participation
  7. Facebook and Youtube
  8. Professional network
  9. Blogging and Twitter
  10. Business forum
  11. Hubspot
  12. Social CRM and a focus on content
  13. Social supports wider marketing communications 

Future of SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of modern web design. In recent years, having a good grip on SEO has often made the difference between a successful website and one that fails to garner significant attention. Due to the nature of search engines, SEO must constantly adapt to ensure that websites remain high in the search rankings.

 Google, the most widely used search engine its search algorithms modified in an attempt to reduce the amount of spam content in search results. With this in mind, it pays to remember that it is in the interests of both you and the search engine companies to produce content that doesn’t have the typical spam features, such as keyword stuffing. The aim of Google is to produce results that are pleasing to people searching out websites, so having a high quality site can act as a form of SEO in itself. In the long run it’ll pay off as more specifically optimised pages eventually become obsolete Producing consistent content is all very well, however it never hurts to use SEO to gain an edge over competitors and also for effective SEO.

Overall, the future of SEO will be more complex than in the past. Old school techniques to fool search engines continue to be weeded out, but if you construct your content with longevity in mind, and are diligent with implementing emerging social networking features, you can ensure that your sites are future proof.

Facebook Leads Shairing

Facebook Leads Shairing

Facebook is one of the best and popular social networking site, being accepted by lot of people.

Wordpress SEO Ultimate plugin

In many ways, this is considered a correction tool-set that includes a wide variety of website moderation and SEO correction tools. The plugin deals with files that affect overall SEO and search engine indexing. Some of the correction tools include a meta-tag editor (both title and description), meta-keyword editor, tag re-writer, and Deeplink Juggernaut, which scrapes your site for anchor text points for future links.

Wordpress SEO Smart Links plugins

This is a tool that most webmasters use as an oversight tool for their own work and progress. SEO Content Control is designed to point out your errors and flaws within your websites SEO. This can be anything from missing meta-tags to duplicate content or duplicate links on the same page. The tool is renowned for solving SEO problems that would normally be missed by the everyday webmaster who is simply updating their website for the day/week.

SEO WordPress Plugins (All In One SEO Pack)

Many blogs and e-commerce websites use WordPress to run their websites everyday functions for content publication or e-commerce market sales. To make sure your WordPress based site is optimized for search engines correctly, there are many free plugins that will do the trick. However, there are only a few free plugins that do a comprehensive and thorough job of maximizing your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

All In One SEO Pack

This is one of the most well known and most popular plugins for WordPress in general, let alone SEO based plugins. The All in One SEO Pack generates your meta-tags and SEO optimized titles automatically. For any experienced webmaster, they offer an advanced tools and settings area where you can customize various parts of the site; URL structures, post titles, descriptions, tags, etc. Its also one of the handful of free SEO plugins that is compatible with almost all WordPress e-commerce themes.

Seo Link Building Services

Building backlinks is a webmasters main goal when it comes to building a websites off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This can come from social media, blog comments, forum posts, guest posts, etc., there are many ways to create links to your website. The more high quality backlinks you establish, the better your website will place is both search engines and online rankings.

Backlink Services

There are a number of services that create backlinks, increase SEO, and stimulate traffic. Below are the specific services that BackLinkBuild provides.
  • High Page Rank Commenting
  • Micro-website Creation
  • Wiki Creation
  • Press Release
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Relevant Links
  • .Edu Link Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Reliable Link Wheel
  • Network of Blogs
To show the effectiveness of their service and how satisfied their customers are, they show testimonials from their customers like Fernando Testa:
Incredible results! I almost can’t believe changing so fast from 1.780.000 in Alexa to 1.337.000 in a couple of weeks. Advertising gives immediate results, but this gives a long term improvement and more value to users organic search. We had a very good positioning in Argentina before acquiring services and we didn’t expect to keep going up. Great Job for the team !!
If you want purchase a backlink package let me know whats your need and provide some insight links for future viewers.



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