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How Many Pages Should a Website Have for SEO?

When implementing an SEO campaign, it’s important to pay attention to and optimize every page of the website. The search engines rank individual pages, not a website as a whole. Optimizing each individual page for specific keyword search terms improves the chances that searchers will find and be directed to the most relevant page of your site. So, is there a specific amount of pages that your site should be for SEO purposes?

Every business is different, which means that every business website is different.The correct number of website pages is whatever is appropriate for that business. There is no specific amount of pages that a website should or should not be however there are a few things to keep in mind when developing and optimizing a website.

For starters, the search engines have made it known that they like content. Websites that are updated regularly with fresh content are typically rewarded by the search engines. Search engine users want up to date information, and a website that is frequently updated is more likely to provide them with this timely information that will suit their needs. Whenever a site is updated, it gets the search engine spiders back to the site to crawl and index it. The more times that the search engines spend crawling your site, the better.

However, the search engines are getting smarter and incorporating numerous new signals into the search algorithms on nearly a daily basis. Not only do the search engines understand that content is new, but they also understand if it is any good.It’s obvious to both the search engines and target audience members that a page was created only for the purpose of targeting a few keywords. If you have a lot of pages that have thin content that is similar to content on other pages, it ruins the user experience and can actually hurt your SEO efforts. The search engines may view the similar pages as duplicate content and will have difficulty ranking the “right” page. Website pages should only be created if they serve a specific purpose and the content is relevant to the product or service offering. Creating numerous pages of content that are only vaguely related will reduce the authority of the site.

A business website should be the hub of all online marketing efforts. Potential clients or customers visit a business website and make decisions based on what they find. If you provide very little information about your business, a visitor will probably go elsewhere looking for what they need. In addition, a website that doesn’t have many pages is hard to optimize. Each page is an additional opportunity to rank in the search engines.

For SEO campaign purposes, the correct number of website pages is the number of pages that is necessary to provide visitors with all of the information that they need.Focus on the user experience of the website first and create as much quality content that is needed, and then spend time optimizing that content. Because in SEO content is a KiNG.
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