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Google 2015 On page Check List

There are some important On page factors to help rank up in higher ranking which are following: 
  • User experience
  • Shorter title tags
  • Relevant content
  • Engaging content that provides an answer, teaches, informs, is useful, delights
  • Original images
  • Quality site design
  • Descriptive meta description
The factors that he would go as far as to call deprecated, as in, no longer used by Google are:
  • Keywords
  • Focus on long tail Keyword phrases
  • Focus on ranking for specific keyword phrases
  • Lean code
The long tail does seem to be dead, it is more about the whole site experience and broader keywords than going after the big blue pineapple chair anymore.
Others added that responsive mobile friendly design and schema should be added to the list. I'd agree with that. But there is a lot more discussion around what should and should not be on these lists.
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Google Mobile Algorithm

Google's mobile friendly algorithm is fully rolled out according to Gary Illyes of Google.
Gary said that "the algo is rolled out." But some people may not be seeing the full impact. Gary said "but not all pages were re-indexed yet so they don't have the new scores." He also added, "there were a load of sites that became MF recently, so the actual number of sites affected decreased considerably."

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Google Report May 2015

Finally, the mobile algorithm is rolled out fully now. There are so many news about Panda or Penguin updates but denied it.
Google also doorway algorithm launched and there were speculations around Google News ranking changes as well.
There has been a lot of confusion around Penguin and Panda, maybe this explains it but Google does feel our pain.

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