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Increase your conversions

 Instantly increase click thrus and conversions to your website from search engines by adding a picture to your Google search results listing.

Google search has added a special feature to their search results pages by now allowing websites to have a picture next to their listings. This picture has been estimated to increase conversion by at least 30% over night.

Think about it. Are your eyes more attracted to a picture or words and which would you be more likely to click on? Answer. The picture of course! People are more willing and attracted to click on pictures than read words. It is an instant attention grabber.

Trustworthiness is also increased as the picture must be of a face. This is because Google uses face scans to match the picture next to your website listing with the picture from your Google plus profile. When people see a face they instantly think trust, over just seeing words. One of the major keys to overcome in sales and increase conversions is trust.

Organic Strategies

Search engine optimization is a precious resource. However, due to spam and dozens of other unsavory practices that pollute the Internet, this resource is being exploited at the expense of its natural inhabitants - the users.
Aim for organic or natural tactics to create a sustainable future for your website and its users using these tips!
1. Website Ownership
Own your website. Can you achieve success with a free-host provider? Yes, but there are a few things working against you. First, you have greater control over the design and architecture if you own your own website. Second, users and publishers are more inclined to trust websites that have a vested interest. And finally, free-hosts are prone to spam, which may result in search engine penalties.
2. Website Content and Structure
Natural SEO embodies originality, quality, relevance, navigation, and transparency on every page. You should test the quality of your website, page for page. Stay away from unnatural methods like doorway pages, shadow domains, and other deceptive practices. Clean up your website and implement measures to prevent any unnatural links coming from or pointing toward your website. (Tip: Check out Google's Webmaster Tools to test the health of your website, understand your traffic and more.)
2. Quality, Original Content
Content advocates your authority in your niche and promotes stickiness (a lower bounce rate). Target your readers by ensuring a good user experience and use creative content both onsite and off. Submit articles to credible article directories, guest post on quality websites, create informational products, shoot videoes, etc. - get your original content out there to let your voice be heard and brand be seen by users and search engines. Reuse your successful articles to create valuable content for your website, social media, and more.
3. Social Interaction
Social is being integrated more and more into natural SEO every day. From +1's to tweets to likes, links shared on social media sites have a positive exposure impact. Considerations of social interaction include authority, following, relevance, positive engagement, and diversity of sources. Some tips to encourage social engagement: keep it short, visual, regular, relevant, timely, and motivating (use a call-to-action).
4. Relevant Keyword Research
Using tools like Google's Keyword Tool or your Traffic Search Terms, look for quality, relevant keywords that suit your platform and your audience. Use these keywords to brainstorm new content, but moderate your usage and integrate keywords properly to avoid unnatural SEO (avoid keyword stuffing!).
5. Long-Tail Method
Write dynamic, high-demand articles using the long-tail method. Using your keywords, reader-oriented benefits, and power words, create great dynamic long-tail titles within 65-70 characters. For example, "Weight Loss Tips" may be in demand, but it's also in the highest supply (more competition). However, you increase your chances by targeting where demand is high, but the supply is much lower: "Weight Loss for Women Over 40: Top 7 Painless Tips to Drop a Size."

Build links like a boss!

In internet marketing all websites are at risk and no one is ever safe from their competitors. Even if a website obtains the same resources as the leader in their industry, the competing website might not rank as high or beat the leader because of other issues like website age or trust authority.

Our consensus is that a keyword difficulty tool simply cannot assess all aspects of ranking for a certain keyword phrase. The ranking can only come from an expertly performed campaign. An internet marketing campaign that will beat the competition consists of the following:

How To Be Number 1 On Google Search 1:

Obtaining competitors links from the top ten spots in Google
When obtaining all the resources that all the other competitors have your website will gain more authority then the rest of the crowd because the other competitors don't all have each others links but you will.

How To Be Number 1 On Google Search 2:

Creating & Performing an expert linking campaign
By obtaining new links you are now creating a new link profile for the search engines to look at and assess your site. These new links in addition to acquiring your competitors links makes your website different then the competitors and will allow your site to beat the other competitors in a short period of time.

How To Be Number 1 On Google Search 3:

Link bait
Creating link bait allows for your website to continually obtain links without doing much work. This creation will allow for new links to continually come in to the site and keep it in the top rankings on the search engines.

Ignore That Last Google Webmaster Tools Notification: Google Bot Can Access Your Site

In the past twenty-four hours, it seems as if Google sent out a message to thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of site owners, that there is a problem with their site.
Typically, you never ever want to ignore a webmaster tools notification but in this case, the messages were sent in error.

Google told these webmasters that "Googlebot can't access your site", that the site had connection failures and Google was unable to access your site.
Here is a sample message one of my clients received (although I received several):

Google's Matt Cutts wrote in the thread that this seems like an error on Google's side. He said:
Hey everyone, please don't worry about this message at this point. Enough people are getting this message that I suspect it's an issue on our end.

I've got an email out to our webmaster tools team, and we'll figure out what's going on. Thanks.
The thing is, I checked this morning and webmaster tool's console does not show the error on these sites still, so maybe it was a Google error.

Search Engine Optimization Google Panda Updates by Gerald Seferovic

Being an obedient internet marketing college student, you've been making content for your websites, attempting to please the instructor, for example, Google. Nevertheless following the current improvements, it seems that satisfying the actual instructor had a little tougher!

Google Panda Revise & Search engine optimization Articles

In Feb 2011, Google came up with the Google Panda update using the intention to improve the search outcome high quality. As a result numerous sites with a lot of advertisements and poor content material began to diminish away. They were substituted for quality content material dependent websites, social networking sites, news websites and so on. In this way Google gave an indication which SEO content writing techniques utilized formerly including key phrase stuffing, rotating etc lost from the window. Should you wanted to accomplish good Search page results, you have to produce Search engine optimization articles that are meaningful and need not be as well "sales-y".

Therefore, where do you turn to create effective articles that will make sure you the search engines?

Content Based on Key phrase Group

To begin with ignore single keyword based article marketing. Now, you need to focus on a group of related keywords. Since you can't possess Search engine optimization articles in regards to a single key phrase that is highlighted all over the place, you also have to work with the synonyms and other associated keywords.

Create for the Visitors

Result in the writing style more natural and less pressured. This implies you need to create for that readers and never the various search engines. When you keep your readers in mind while allowing the content, you're certain to obtain a response from the visitors which would mean better presence for the articles and also greater sharing. This kind of actions might help your content obtain visibility and get higher SERPs.

Avoid Excessive Links

When you want to link a certain post to another page on your web site, you're certain to location anchor text links in various parts of the content. This has to be a good exercise but do not overdo it. Extreme linking simply to try to improve Search engine optimization is going to do not good.

Maintain the Period of Your Content

A lot of websites possess several brief pages created with content of something in between 150-300 phrases however that will not help any more. Google has remarked that a lot of webmasters utilized this technique to create several SEO articles as well as key phrase dependent pages to be able to try and function their own way up the actual Google Search page results. In order to counter this particular, Google right now provides more credit to content that is a minimum of 400-500 phrases in length and can have sufficient information to keep your readers involved.

You can easily follow the steps given above and see the main difference in your Search page results. Many of these techniques are fundamental fundamentals for good SEO article writing which should have been adopted even beforethe Google Panda update but if they were not, this is the time to do so!
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