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Build links like a boss!

In internet marketing all websites are at risk and no one is ever safe from their competitors. Even if a website obtains the same resources as the leader in their industry, the competing website might not rank as high or beat the leader because of other issues like website age or trust authority.

Our consensus is that a keyword difficulty tool simply cannot assess all aspects of ranking for a certain keyword phrase. The ranking can only come from an expertly performed campaign. An internet marketing campaign that will beat the competition consists of the following:

How To Be Number 1 On Google Search 1:

Obtaining competitors links from the top ten spots in Google
When obtaining all the resources that all the other competitors have your website will gain more authority then the rest of the crowd because the other competitors don't all have each others links but you will.

How To Be Number 1 On Google Search 2:

Creating & Performing an expert linking campaign
By obtaining new links you are now creating a new link profile for the search engines to look at and assess your site. These new links in addition to acquiring your competitors links makes your website different then the competitors and will allow your site to beat the other competitors in a short period of time.

How To Be Number 1 On Google Search 3:

Link bait
Creating link bait allows for your website to continually obtain links without doing much work. This creation will allow for new links to continually come in to the site and keep it in the top rankings on the search engines.
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