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Increase your conversions

 Instantly increase click thrus and conversions to your website from search engines by adding a picture to your Google search results listing.

Google search has added a special feature to their search results pages by now allowing websites to have a picture next to their listings. This picture has been estimated to increase conversion by at least 30% over night.

Think about it. Are your eyes more attracted to a picture or words and which would you be more likely to click on? Answer. The picture of course! People are more willing and attracted to click on pictures than read words. It is an instant attention grabber.

Trustworthiness is also increased as the picture must be of a face. This is because Google uses face scans to match the picture next to your website listing with the picture from your Google plus profile. When people see a face they instantly think trust, over just seeing words. One of the major keys to overcome in sales and increase conversions is trust.
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