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Understanding The Google Over Optimization Penalty

Google Over Optimization is one of the most factor in Keywords ranking. So, we have heard about the over optimization penalty. We need to identify it, and we need to figure out exactly what is going on in this Google over optimization penalty from the Google search, and see how we can fix it.

Meta Tags

These are the three main targets of the Google over optimization penalty. Meta tags. So, before, meta tags were heavily, heavily keyword oriented. So, there is keyword keyword keyword, and the title, and the description, keyword keyword keyword. Keywords meta tag. Keywords in there as well.

It is over optimization. I mean, you want to use natural sounding titles, natural sounding descriptions, and you want to make it convert. You have got to think about it. Your ad, or your description in the search listings, and the title, is what makes people come to your website.

So, if it says, “Keyword keyword keyword,” I mean, yeah, they might be searching for that. But what if there is 10 other people that have “keyword keyword keyword?” How are you going against your competition here? You are not really doing anything to go against the competition. So, make a natural sounding title. With conversion factors in there. And you will see that more people will start coming to your website. Also, you will start gaining rankings, because it is natural instead of a spamming title now.

So, the over optimization kind of goes with spamming. We are at the fact that Google does not want to see these old tactics anymore. they have created filters to go against those tactics in their algorithm, and now they are ranking what they want to see. We have to go by their rules. We have to please Google. All of this is basically concerned with teaching Google about your website, and the easiest way for Google to crawl your website.

Content of your WebSite Page :

Lot of keyword stuffing in content. A lot of people using blogs to gain rankings or steal rankings from other people, and even using copied content. It is not the way to go. You want to make completely original content. We know this. And we want to make longer posts, so if Google picks it up, and they have plenty of things to read in there, and we start ranking for a lot of different keywords because the article is so long.

Keep keyword stuffing to a minimum. You do not want to use keyword stuffing. What you want to do is, you want to of course have your keywords in there, but have a lot of variations of the keyword. Use synonyms. I am sure you have heard of the latent semantic indexing, where Google is putting together different words and articles to rank websites. Using synonyms, just as an example.


Your links. What type of anchor texts are on your links? What type of sites are they coming from? Do you have too much exact match anchor texts? Are you getting links from high authority websites? What is the domain authority, or the trust factor, of the website that you are getting a link from?

So, you definitely want to think about all of these things, SEO community. You do not want to be hit by a Google over optimization penalty. These two are pretty easy to fix, but this one takes a lot of time.
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