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Increase Blog's Google Page Rank

Most of the Bloggers always dreams of an ideal blog where they can share their brilliant thoughts to educate spectators. So In order to make their dream come true they use numberless different methods to attract audience by creating highly professional content, improving search engine optimization and all those efforts which are required to turn audience attention. And after following all correct strategies they comes to a conclusion that their hard work is not going in wastage, as they are starting to get positive response from readers.

But after few months they realize that they were so busy in building their content that they forgot to maintain their Google Page Rank, and now their blog is popular enough but still Page Rank is relatively low. As we all know PageRank has nothing to do with blog traffic or SEO but still many PRO Bloggers recommend high PageRank of around 4 or 5 out of 10. Calculation of PageRank is mostly based on number of high-quality backlinks fundamentally it represents the value of a website in the other word we can say that PageRank is the fruits of hard work.
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