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Pay Day Loan Algorithm Rolled Out

Google's Matt Cutts said the Payday Loan Algorithm was rolling out but truth is, I haven't seen signs of it.
In fact, I've asked many folks in the black hat and spammy categories about this and they've seen nothing. Google Payday Loan 3.0 algorithm was released, targeting spammy queries over spammy sites - whatever that means. But even though it began rolling out Thursday night. 
What I do see are sites not in the spammy category reporting major changes in their rankings. 
Here are some complaints:
I'm not in a spammy category (consumer electronics) and my site was pushed down for no apparent reason with this update. Seems Google messed something up.
I'm not in a spammy category. I've been decimated sad We can't pay our bills now.
Meanwhile the site that never gets updated, that rips off other content got a nice boost. Way to go.
Some benefited, as you would imagine:
We don't know what Google classifies as "spammy". But I'd say consumer electronics queries might indeed fall into that category. Take a look how many (legit and automated) sites are out there.
I had a nice boost on June 12th. Consumer electronics too, with high quality indepth (often 6000+ words) articles.

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