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Changes In The Search Results

Google's search results changing both in terms of Webmaster Tools showing changes in rankings, in terms of webmasters noticing huge swings in their Google referrals and webmasters noticing ranking changes in the search results.
I covered it on March 25th and on March 20th and the automated tracking tools also confirm what the chatter is showing - but we are all blind. Well - maybe.
Google's John Mueller said this morning in a hangout that these are just "normal fluctuations" and that they actually did "look at this internally." They did, I know they looked into the reports here and on other sites.
John said:
We did take a look at this internally a bit because people have been writing about it… But from our point of view these are just changes as normal. Normal fluctuations that always happen as we kind of update our search algorithms and update our search data. It is not something specific that we would point out.                       

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