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Digital marketing trends for 2015

Digital marketing trends for 2015:
  1. Digital assets. Businesses change over time. It’s inevitable. But sometimes we’re too busy to notice the inconsistencies we have unwittingly let happen. Review all of the content and images you’re using on your social media profiles and website. Does it all fit together and tell the right story?
  1. Website. When was the last time you looked at your About copy and other static pages? Refresh all statistics and facts about your company, brand, products, and services. Change the copyright to 2015.
  1. Social media. Review all your social media accounts. Update your profile copy and contact information. Determine if you need or want new cover photos and profile images.
  1. Reputation check – Review media clips and search engine results to understand what is being said about you and your business across the Internet. What issues are you associated with? Make a plan to steer the conversation where you want it to go.
  1. Data – Audit your customer databases and email lists. Remember that “garbage in is garbage out,” and take the time to clean up the data. Do you really want to be sending your email newsletter addressed to “Dearest Null?” in 2015?
  1. Personal brand – Like it or not, your business and your personal brand are intertwined. Review all of your profiles, and bring them up to date. This includes bios, social networking sites, your resume, and even your email signature.
  1. Privacy – Be sure you know exactly what you’re sharing on social networks and with whom. Like your smoke alarm’s batteries, make sure you check your privacy settings at least twice a year.
  1. Email – Tired of receiving too many irrelevant emails? Unsubscribe. No digital marketer wants to send newsletters to the wrong target buyers. Those unsubscribes make room for people who are truly interested.
  1. Education – What do you need to know in 2015 and where can you learn it? Do you want to learn how to interview like a journalist or develop a more effective search marketing strategy? There’s no shortage of places to turn.  Follow Us on  Google + 
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