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Best practice to recover Google Penality

How to remove a Google penalty. One of my client send me query? 
"Hey,  site ranking and traffic was on #1st position from last 2 years but now traffic is very low even average and ranking move from 1st page to 10th page ? Why?"
So then i analyzing his site :
First, Some Research
  • Excellent content on his site but when I looked at last content of the site I see so many Keyword stuffing problems. 
  • I took a look at competitors found in the top 10 under several keyword searches that were obviously main targets for his website. After reviewing the backlinks for each competitor's sites I could see they were all very well entrenched but their content was not up to par with Patrick's site. I reviewed Patrick's backlinks and was surprised to find that he had very few.
  • Yahoo Site Explorer use to check back links of website & his competitors back links too. For more in-depth research I use OptiLink by Winrose Software which provides excellent statistics that are very useful for analyzing the quality of backlinks among other things. 
  • I checked the server headers for their home page and other key pages to make sure nothing was outwardly wrong with their server configuration; everything was fine.
  • I took some time to surf through Patrick's website and discovered that not all of the keyword stuffing had been removed.
My Observations : Website has very few back links as comparison to competitors & can't find a single competitor that can match the quality of your content. You work hard providing great content. but unfortunately, you were over-optimizing the content by using Keyword stuffing.

My Recommendation for Removing the Google Penalty
  1. Remove all of the keyword stuffing on your website and frequently add good quality content on your site it will also generate best result and recover Google penalty.
  2. Back links are another path to building credibility for your website which it sorely needs right now. There is also a good chance that high quality incoming links will act as additional entry points to your website for Google to index your newly revised site and reconsider the penalty.
  3. Review Google Webmaster Tools and also submit fresh Sitemap.
  4. Also add blog on your website by updating content on daily basis it is also good way to notify Google about your new quality content. 
By applying these recommendations you will very likely discover that the Google Penalty was more a blessing than a curse because your site will come out stronger than ever before. 

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