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Amazon Fire Phone: Bing For Search, Nokia For Maps

The emerging consensus from the early “hands on” or “first look” reviews is that the Amazon Fire Phone has some novel and interesting features but that it doesn't measure up, overall, to the iPhone or “true Android” devices. I've argued that Amazon missed the boat with its high-end pricing. G-mail, Google Maps, Google Search and other Google apps are not present in the Amazon Store. Users can still get to Google services on a browser of course.

Maps experience was shown off a bit in some of the reviews. It uses the phone’s “dynamic perspective,” providing a 3D effect as the phone is tilted or rotated. Upon tilting, Yelp reviews appear on the map. Otherwise, Amazon reportedly is using Nokia to provide the underlying mapping data.  Amazon built the maps app in house while Amazon hasn’t totally neglected maps, the company doesn’t appear to consider maps to be a key feature of the Fire’s user experience
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