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Google's Panda Crushes Visibility

  • For many companies, the adage applies: The more favorable the Google impressions, the more traffic and the more revenue.
  • Substantial companies such as eBay, Demand Media and RetailMeNot suffered losses in SEO visibility caused by Google's Panda algorithm updates – along with stock value losses.
  • Unnoticed by the market, tiny TechTarget's SEO visibility and search traffic got crushed by last month's Panda update.
  • Blinded by TechTarget's timing of a positive financial report with another public offering, investors also overlooked an insider's recent indirect share sales worth $17 million.
  • Many companies have suffered crushing declines in Google impressions caused by last month's Panda update - and corresponding losses in stock value.
    Now, TheStreetSweeper has found an overlooked Panda victim.
  "Google algorithm changes is consistent with what we've seen on previous algorithm changes over the almost 15 years. over 100 websites, and in the immediate aftermath of a algorithm change we see some sites traffic increase and others decline."
"On a broader point - our experience is that there is an enormous amount of fluctuation after a major Google algorithm change."
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